What I Do

Classically trained in Integral Hatha Yoga and yogic meditation, I bring ancient devoted practices to contemporary culture in an accessible way. I facilitate immersive experiences that build resilience, expand creativity, and deepen human connection through the transformative power of sound, mindfulness, and movement. These experiences are custom designed to help anyone and everyone access meditative states, foster self-inquiry, cultivate deep relaxation, and inspire meaningful connection and change.

I work with organizations, schools, corporations, and communities to foster human connection by:

  • Infusing practical mindfulness and meditation techniques to help individuals and teams be grounded in the here and now, catalyze creative thinking, builds resilience and achieve better results

  • Designing practices that help people and businesses

  • Facilitating custom, holistic workshops

My Services

Corporate training or workshop facilitation (custom)

Group meditation (30/45/60 min)

Group yoga (60/75/90 min)

Sound meditation (30/45/60 min)